Mark Zuckerberg tours Kenya

Mark Zuckerberg tours Kenya, on his first sub Saharan African trip. Mark Zuckerberg is a founder of facebook and a social media billionaire, Kenya was honored to host such a high profile figure and an ICT icon. Mark Zuckerberg  tours Kenya, particularly visiting  Lake Naivasha  and enjoyed game viewing, what caught his attention most was the darling baby giraffe, He was delighted to come close to nature, by the post on his facebook page He noted that  ‘for some good news, visiting Kenya means getting to see amazing natural beauty and wildlife.”  Mark Zuckerberg’s tour to Kenya is a big statement to the world that Kenya is still a safari Continue Reading →

Baby Gorilla Naming Ceremony Kwitaizina

As has been the tradition, Baby gorilla naming ceremony kwitaizina is back this year, were we will again witness 19 baby gorillas being named amidst celebration. Most baby gorillas that are due for naming where born in 2015, and are about to walk away with names come this September. A baby gorilla naming ceremony dates back to centuries if Rwanda’s traditions and cultural practices where names were given to new born babies after birth. This is no different to baby gorillas in Volcanoes National park Rwanda where thousands of people including high profile figures will flock to the foothills of the virunga volcanoes at the park headquarters to be a Continue Reading →

Uganda’s Rolex

As you travel throughout Uganda, there is something new to try out, and that is a Uganda’s rolex. A rolex is an authentic Ugandan fast food containing eggs, vegetables or meat wrapped in a chapatti. Over years a rolex has been adopted on the Uganda food menu as a street snack throughout the country but was unknown to outside countries. Thanks to the Ministry of tourism and antiquities that launched the renown snack. The state minister for tourism Godfrey Kiwanda Ssubi speaking during the Kampala rolex festival said the festival intended to create more demand for the rolex as a fast food and rolex-making as a commercial activity. The Kampala Continue Reading →

Why it got to be a Uganda safari

Why it got to be a Uganda Safari? Its not a flatter to say, when it got to be a safari, it is a Uganda safari. Let us show you why you have to take a Uganda safari. Uganda indeed is the Pearl of Africa having a lot to offer with its unspoilt beauty. Uganda is a home to half of the world’s population of the Mountain gorillas mainly in Bwindi Impenetrable National park making it  a one stop destination. Gorilla tracking is one of the natural and thrilling exercises ever, having to watch these giant and endangered ages as they go along with their lives in the natural wild, you get to Continue Reading →

Entebbe Int’l Airport under expansion tours to Uganda

Uganda Civil Aviation authority plans to expand and upgrade facilities at Uganda’s only International Airport in Entebbe in relation to the global traffic trend.  The expansion program is expected to be undertaken in a space of 20 years 20015- 2034 in alignment to Uganda Vision 2040. This project is under the National Development Plan II, Air transport sub-sector which calls for the Upgrade and Expansion of Entebbe International Airport (EIA), Upgrade of Air Navigation Infrastructure to achieve a globally interoperable system for provision of seamless services, Development of a Masterplan and Engineering Designs for Arua Airport, Revival of a National Airline to hub Entebbe International Airport, and Exploration of PPP Continue Reading →

Jonathan Goodluck for Wildebeest Migration – Masai Mara

Former Nigerian President Jonathan Goodluck on a Masai Mara Safari Former Nigerian President Jonathan Goodluck is in Kenya for a 3 day safari to Masai Mara to witness the great wildebeest migration. Jonathan is touring with his family; wife and two children and they are staying at Angama Mara Lodge at the Oloololo conservancy. He is the second dignitary after King Mswati III to visit Masai Mara in just two weeks. Nicky Fitzgerald the owner of the lodge said, that this peak season has been good, as prominent personalities from across the world have been calling for bookings. She said they have received Mr. Jonathan, King Mswati, a Chinese prominent Continue Reading →

Hot Air Balloon Tour Uganda

Hot Air Balloon Tour Uganda Touring Uganda just got better, from game viewing on the ground to the Air with the recently launched Hot Air Ballooning tours in Queen Elizabeth National Park ‘the medley of wonders’. It’s yet a whole new way of surfing and enjoying one of Uganda’s wildernesses. Hot air balloon is by far worth trying, because you get a chance to surf the whole park from on-high silently wandering away to the direction and speed of the wind as you enjoy the serenity and panoramic view of the Lakes, Kazinga channel, herds of Elephants, Buffaloes and more game depending on the altitude. Hot Air Balloon tour is Continue Reading →

Virunga Region Treaty – Conservation of Mountain gorillas

Joint Conservation of Mountain gorillas against poaching The three countries that share the virunga region -Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo are in the final stages of working on endorsing a treaty that will ensure a thorough conversation of the Virunga area. The virunga area lies in the southwest of Uganda, northwest of Rwanda and South east of DR Congo and protects the rare mountain gorillas, a rich list of bird species and the old stunning virunga volcanoes; Muhabura, Gahinga, Sibinyo, Visioke, Karisimbi, Mikeno, Nyiragongo & Nyamulagira the latter two being some of the active volcanoes in the world with the recent activity in 2002, 2006 & 2010. The main purpose Continue Reading →

Gorilla tracking permits numbers go up – two new gorilla families/groups.

Gorilla tracking is one of the most attractive and most sought after tourist activities on a Uganda safari/tour. Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is in the process of increasing tourists that visit the park for gorilla tracking, in this effect two more mountain gorilla families/groups at Rushaga, Kisoro, the Southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park have been habituated, bringing the total to 14 groups/families in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. All of the habituated gorillas are known individually by the rangers and have been given names in order to identify them. The males can weigh more than 500lb and some silverbacks exceed 6ft!  During Gorilla tracking, only a group of 8 Continue Reading →

Relocation of Giraffes to Lake Mburo National Park

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) responsible for the conversation of wildlife in Uganda is in a process of relocating a total of 12 giraffes from Murchison Falls National Park to Lake Mburo National Park in order to boost tourism in this park. This exercise has been done for the very first time in the history of Uganda, but UWA is optimistic that the process will be a success. Mr Muhangi said a team of experts from Kenyan Tourism Board is already on the ground to give technical knowledge on how the wildlife can be mobilised for transportation to the new location. Why Lake Mburo National Park, the park has rolling Continue Reading →

Minimize Travel Advisories for Kenya- WTO

Kenya is one of the top tourist destinations in Africa, very famous for wildebeest Migration an event that takes place in Masai Mara. Kenya’s reputation has been attributed to ability in athletics and unrivaled tourist attractions and particularly the latter made Kenya a preferred holiday destination for tourists. This image drastically dropped following the frequent terror attacks recently that have scared away tourists on top of the negative travel advisories by western countries has pulled back the Kenya’s tourism industry, witnessed in the reduced tourist arrivals in the country. A top world tourism official Sectary General Dr Taleb Rifai called on the international community to give Kenya the support it Continue Reading →

The Return of Uganda Airlines after Air Uganda

Following the decision by Air Uganda’s board to close operations, The government is working on a plan to revive Uganda Airlines which was liquidated in 2001 after failed  Attempts by Government to privatize it. Air Uganda started its operations in 2007 and has been since held in high regard Uganda as a national carrier after the collapse of Uganda Airlines. Having its operating flights to the major cities in the East Africa, Somalia and Southern Sudan, the Airline had become so reliable and affordable compared to other carriers like Kenya Airways. On June 17, Air Uganda’s air operator’s certificate was revoked by the Civil Aviation Authority on an account of Continue Reading →

Uganda Tourism to gain with the visit of Supermodel Marlina

Uganda Tourism is yet again graced by the visit of America’s Super Model Marlina Moreno, shortly after ATA Congress which was held in November 2014. The Model along with a team of high profile Americans are to undertake a 21 Days Uganda Tour starting on the 17th of January to explore Uganda’s tourist attractions. During the 21 days they are to hike to Margherita Peak, the highest point of the Rwenzoris. Rwenzori Mountain is the highest mountain ranges in the world and in 150 A.D, Ptolemy named them the ‘Mountains of the Moon’. The team will visit Murchison falls National Park for wildlife viewing, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for gorilla Continue Reading →

Holiday Destination – Uganda Better than Spain

Uganda is not flattered when it’s considered to be one of the best holiday destinations in the world. President Yoweri Museveni last week noted that Uganda is a better tourist destination than Spain. Following the President’s comment, The Guardian Newspaper UK’s leading conducted an online survey and concluded that Uganda is a better holiday destination compared to the famed Spain. This is not strange because for sure Uganda has it all. Different surveys have been conducted by Lonely Planet, National Geographic, CNN, Trip advisor and many other platforms and results have been the same that Uganda is the place to go for a safari. The poll was conducted for about Continue Reading →

Uganda Holiday Safari – By CNN

Uganda Safari Long before the country’s dark years, Uganda was a true reflection of Sir Churchill’s phrase as the Pearl of Africa. It’s beauty untampered, with the finest National parks with massive wildlife that included the big five. It was this very beauty that attracted the Hollywood to film the famous “African Queen” shot in Murchison Falls National park, Uganda emerged as a perfect Safari destination in Africa. Just when everything started to fall in place, for the country and particularly for the tourism industry, there came a dark period started with the reign of the brutal  Idi Amin, many more other civil wars broke out in the country including Continue Reading →

Samuel Baker’s Trails on a Uganda Safari

Baker’s Trail in Murchison Falls National Park Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda’s vast park and probably the most beautiful because of the mighty roaring Murchison falls on River Nile. The must do activities in the park include game drives, chimpanzee tracking, sport fishing, boat rides to the delta and to the bottom of the falls, and visit to the top of the falls. A hike to the top of the falls using the famed Baker historical trail is the newest and exciting activity to do in the park, the trail offers excellent viewing points for the Murchison and Uhuru (Freedom) falls. The Bakers are respected in South Sudan and Continue Reading →

Uganda Safari, Why you Must visit Kidepo National Park


3rd Africa’s Fascinating Park

Planning a Uganda Safari, Kidepo Valley National Park (KVNP) is one of the hot spots and a miss not. The park lies in the semi-arid valleys of Karamoja in the northern Uganda on the boarder of Uganda with Sudan, and it is Uganda’s most remote park. Few visitors visit this place but the spectacular beauty of the park’s wilderness keep attracting them. Savannah vegetable and over 90 mammal species including bush pigs, buffaloes, zebras, lion, leopard,cheeta, fox, antelopes,and so much more dominates the Kidepo Valley National park. Bird watching is one of the must-do activities at the park since there are rare bird species that are not found in any other place in East Africa like the Black-breasted Barbet and Karamoja Apallis.

uganda safari kidepo national park

Wildlife At Kidepo Valley National Park
There are over 90 species of mammals at the park including 20 that are not found in any other National park in Uganda. Among these include; carcal, lesser kudu, striped hyena, leopard, lion, beisa oryx,buffalo,zebra, oribis, kongoni, Bat-eared fox,cheetah,grant’s gazalle, Bohor redbuck, Sengal Galago,and many more. The park also has a very rich and diverse reptile fauna. You are guaranteed exceptional game viewing.

Bird Watching
The park is a habitat of a wide variety of rare birds and some of them are as follows: Karamoja apallis, white belied tit, singing bush lark, superb sterling, ostrich, pygmy falcon, African swallow-tailed kite, fox kestrel, and many others. The birds at the park are unique and they are not easily seen in other parts of East Africa.

The most commonly driven route is from Kampala via Kitgum. This is a 650km and it takes reasonable hours on the road though worth it. To Save time, daily scheduled flights are  available.

Accommodation: Most profound is the Luxury Apoka Safari Lodge, designed with an Africa Style, you can be assured of a good rest especially in that part of the Country.

uganda safari -

Facts About Online Gorilla Permit Booking System

As we may all well know, online booking of gorilla permits has been one of those controversial matters that ever arouse in the tourism sector between Local Tour Operators and Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) the body that manages Uganda’s National Parks after UWA resolved to push gorilla permits booking online which did not go well with the local tour operators whose genuine fear was that foreign tour operators would throw them out of business. The system has been that foreign tour operators rely on the local tour operators to the purchase of the gorilla permits and if the permits are to be reserved online, then Local tour operators would literally Continue Reading →

6 Things to Consider when Planning a Safari in East Africa

Take a look at 6 Untold things that you should consider when planning a safari in East Africa 2014 These are additional things to add on what you know when planning a trip to East Africa; Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda. 1. What shoes to carry? Carry safari boots with hard sole, you will know the use when you get involved in a jungle/forest walk and when tracking chimps and Gorillas. Especially during Gorilla tracking which involves making paths in a thick tropical forest, and the sloppy terrains, your shoes determine you stability. 2. Wardrobe do’s and don’ts Ensure to pack a jersey and jeans to keep you warm when needed, Continue Reading →

Idi Amin Tourism Trail

There is no doubt that Uganda is one of the choicest destinations in Africa bestowed with unique natural attractions, culture and history. For about forty years now, Uganda is globally known by few for its beauty and bounty of tourist attractions but to most for its former brutal tyrant Idi Amin who in 1970’s led the nation into the reign of terror. Idi Amin was the third president of Uganda after independence in 1962; He ruled the nation for about 8 years with a record of countless massacres, torture and expulsion of the Asian and European community. It was during these years that Uganda’s Tourism got on rocks, as a Continue Reading →