Kidepo Valley National Park

Most Spectacular and 3rd Best Africa’s National Park

3rd Africa’s Best National Park as rated by CNN Travel, Kidepo Valley National Park (KVNP) is the most beautiful par with remarkable landscapes, expansive savannah, mountains and valleys. For a true wild safari, Kidepo Valley National Park is the best choice as it hosts a good list of mammals, cheetah, lion, leopard, fox, carcal, hyena, oryx, big herds of buffalo making game viewing so rewarding.

Kidepo Valley National Park is located in Karamoja regions in the northern Uganda on the boarder of Uganda with Sudan.
The park is also inhabited by a variety of rare birds making a birding watching at its best. A list of the birds found here include  ostrich,

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singing bush lark, Karamoja apallis, superb sterling, pygmy falcon, African swallow-tailed kite, fox kestrel, and many others.

Minimum Days for Safari to Kidepo Valley National Park

The Park can be visited at least in four days given its location, usually if traveling by road, it’s advisable to camp in Kitgum to cut on the travelling hours, take a look at a sample safari/trip itinerary by Gorilla & East Africa.

The park can also be visited in 3 days, only if flying. There are scheduled flights to and from the park, this is to avoid long distance driving.

Where to stay

Kidepo Valley National Park has accommodation facilities, the major and most popular being, Apoka Safari Lodge one of the best Lodges in Uganda, Located inside the park offers a perfect wilderness experience with its spectacular views of the park and plains.

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