Why it got to be a Uganda safari

Why it got to be a Uganda Safari?

Its not a flatter to say, when it got to be a safari, it is a Uganda safari. Let us show you why you have to take a Uganda safari. Uganda indeed is the Pearl of Africa having a lot to offer with its unspoilt beauty.

Uganda is a home to half of the world’s population of the Mountain gorillas mainly in Bwindi Impenetrable National park making it  a one stop destination. Gorilla tracking is one of the natural and thrilling exercises ever, having to watch these giant and endangered ages as they go along with their lives in the natural wild, you get to watch them eat, associate, play, gramble just as humans. Gorillas are one the closest apes to humans second to chimpanzees, they share about 97% of the DNA and reason just as humans with their IQ equivalent to a 5 year old child. Seeing them one on one is a real wonder. Gorilla tracking is usually a competitive activity so one is rewuired to book the gorilla permit way in advance atleast six months prior and better a years prior to the tracking.  Sample gorilla tracking uganda safaris include;
3 Days Gorillas tracking , 5 Days Gorilla tracking , 10 Days Gorilla tour

Uganda hosts the source of River Nile voted as one of Africa’s seven natural wonders, the Nile offers a range of activities like bungee jumping, kayaking, White water rafting, the Nile is considered one of the world’s wild waters, extending to Murchison falls National park forming the mighty and magnificent Murchison falls.

Uganda’s incredible national parks like Murchison Falls National Park the most beautiful and exciting park, Queen Elizabeth National park endowed with mammals, and great kyambura gorge offer boat cruises, and best game viewing. And the true Africa’s wilderness Kidepo Valley National Park ranked as Africa’s 3rd best National Park with its spectacular landscapes and plenty of mammals and big cats as well offer unraveled game drives and experience of the wilderness. See suggested Uganda Safari offers;
3 Days Queen Elizabeth NP,  3 Days Murchison Falls NP , 5 Days Queen Elizabeth NP

Kibale National Park is popular for its high concentration of about 13 species of primates the largest number of residents being the chimpanzees. Chimps are the closest of all to humans with about 98% DNA. Chimpanzee tracking exercise involves walking through the rainforest in search of these beautiful primates, you can track them in the morning or afternoon.
3 Days Chimp tracking, 5 Days Chimp Tracking

We can’t forget to mention the famous Rwenzori Mountains known as the ‘Mountains of the Moon’ with the snowcapped highest peaks in the range. There is no doubt that Uganda is a unique and finest tourist destination.

Travel to all these desitinations can be either by road or by air, as there scheduled flights to either of the destinations, giving visitors losts of options to choose from. Accommodation facilties are available in every tourist area, different categories include lodges, permanent camps, and camping.

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