Congo Gorilla Trekking Tour

2 Days Congo Gorilla Trekking Tour

Day 1: Arrive in Gisenyi, Rwanda, and transfer to Goma, DRC for our Congo Gorilla Trekking Tour.  Go on a city tour and check into your hotel.

Day 2: It’s a 5.30am start from your hotel so that you can be driven to the Bukima park station in the Virunga National Park station where everyone assembles at 7am to be allocated a gorilla group, meet their guide and for a briefing on how to ”behave” whilst in the company of a gorilla group. After the briefing, you will proceed to the appropriate starting point for the trek to see the gorilla group you have been allocated. The length of the trek varies depending on where the gorillas are as well as weather conditions.

Meeting these gentle giants in their natural habitat is a unique and wonderful experience but to get the most from it,

it is necessary to be properly prepared. It is important to bring good hiking boots, long trousers, gloves for protection against stinging nettles, some snacks & sweets (for you, not the gorillas) as well as sufficient water as the rain forest gets hot and humid during the day. You will spend one hour with the gorillas, but it is an hour you will never forget.

After our Congo Gorilla Trekking Tour, we get back to your vehicle and then driving back to the trekking base, you will return to your hotel for the night.