Entebbe trips and excursions

What to do List on Entebbe trips and excursions

Relaxation at Entebbe Resort beach on the shores of Lake Victoria
You can swim, relax or enjoy the breaktaking view of Lake Victoria, listen to the sounds of the waves, and also explore the caves.

Do a nature walk and birding at The Botanical gardens host a large number of the bird species and tress.

Visit the fishing villages at Kigungu landing site and Kasenyi landing site to mix with the local fishermen.

The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre for a nature walk and to view a list of the animals that almost represent each of the national parks in Uganda. These animals were rescued from the hands of the poachers or fate as some. These animals are rescued and taken care of and sometimes later reintroduced in their natural habitat. Among to see are the monkeys, lions, leopards, serval cats, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, bush bucks, zebras, hyenas, baboon, chimpanzees, ostrich, shoebilled stork, a parrots, and many more. There also  animals like otters, crocodiles, snakes are there too.

The Ngamba island Chimpanzee sanctuary to view chimpanzee feeding, interact with the chimps, read chimp stories of how they live day by day, enjoy a boat cruise on Lake Victoria, visit near by fishing villages to interact with the locals, do a forest walk with one of the chimps or become a day’s care taker of the chimps by feeding them, changing their hay for their nests and many more. For half day there are two shifts i.e moring and afternoon shifts, but on both shifts its the same experience.

Half Day trips & excursions at Ngamba Island
Half day trips allow you to see only one feeding of the chimps that is either Morning and Afternoon. You will enjoy a boat cruise on Lake Victoria as you are transfered to the Island. Time allowing you may visit Entebbe Wildlife Education Centre where some of animals have are hosted after having be orphaned or fallen out of the park. Our Ngamba Island half day trip and excursion ends at your hotel or at the Airport. See Details

Full Exploration of Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary
Full Day Trips enable you to  view both Morning and Afternoon  feeding of chimps. It is same as half day trip only that this allows you to have quality time at the sanctuary and with the chimpanzees. You may be lucky to read the chimp diaries to hear the amazing stories of each chimp recorded by the staff day by day. You will read things like, ‘Today a young chimp called sara managed to feed herself, and while running up and down she fell on down and hurt herself but Connie the surrogate mother comforted her’. See Details

There are many more trips and activities that one can engage in while at th Ngamba Island but these call for more time of about 2 days and more. See more Volunteer trips and excursion at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

2 Days Caregiver for a Day Experience
You get to feed the chimps, read their diaries,  with medical checkup of the chimps, work hand in hand with the staff. See the itinerary

3 Days forest walk

Entebbe trips and excursions can be done if you have less time in the country or can still be combined with other wildlife or gorilla safari.