Gorilla Safaris and Tours

Gorilla Safaris and Tours involve walking in the wilderness in search of these great apes the mountain gorillas. Gorilla Safaris and Tours are done in 3 countries, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Virunga National Park in Congo DR.
Irrespective of where you go for tracking, the tracking experience in the three countries is almost the same. Below are just sample itineraries to give you an idea of what to expect while planning for Gorilla Safaris  and Tours. Any of the itineraries can be amended as par your expectations, desired activities and destinations, desired number of days and even the type of accommodation. Do hesitate to  inquiry with our friendly staff.

Sample Itineraries
Uganda Gorilla Safaris and Tours

  • 3 Days Gorilla Trip
  • 4 Days Gorilla Tour
  • 5 Days Gorilla Safari
  • 6 Days Gorilla Tracking Tour
  • 7 Days Gorilla Trekking Tour

Rwanda Gorilla Safaris and Tours

  • 2 days  Rwanda gorilla
  • 3 days  Gorilla safari
  • 3 days Gorilla tracking
  • 4 days Twice with gorillas
  • 4 days Gorilla trip
  • 5 days Rwanda gorilla tracking
  • 7 days Rwanda gorilla Trekking

Congo Gorilla Safaris and Tours

  • 2 days Congo gorilla trek
  • 4 Days Gorilla Trek and Nyiragongo Volcano Hike
  • 6 Days Lowland Gorilla Tracking
  • 11 Days Okapi tour

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